CLC coaches are excited about experiential approaches to leadership development. In addition to building and training your team, you will have an opportunity to engage with a network of like minds, participate in research, and positively impact the lives of your students. CLC supports coaches by providing training materials, recruitment assistance, coaching guides, and weekly practice plans.

  • Advance Your School’s Mission/Vision: Advance the mission/vision/values of your institution or department.
  • Develop Leaders on Campus: Use innovative concepts, videos, practice outlines, activities, and a stand-alone curriculum to share with students. The CLC curriculum is active, experiential and designed to build skill.
  • Grow with Your Students: Grow in your own abilities to influence, coach, inspire and educate a team toward achieving their goals.
  • Build Your Network: Connect with a community of like-minded leadership educators in your region. CLC is an ideal platform to share expertise, engage with others, create partnerships, and build a regional network.
  • Increase Your Resource Base: Gain access to all CLC materials (e.g., videos, activities, marketing/recruiting materials, coaching tips) via the official CLC App. All CLC materials can be accessed via smartphone, tablet, desktop or Google Drive.
  • Benefit From Training & Ongoing Support/Guidance: Utilize CLC staff and board members to help recruit your team, develop your approach to practice and prepare for the competition.
  • Build a Stream of Research: Conduct and publish qualitative or quantitative research about the experience. CLC is working to create space for coaches to advance their own research agendas. An ultimate goal of this endeavor is that multiple publications will flow from what we learn.
  • Foster School Pride: Represent your college/university in regional/national competition.

The CLC Timeline

There are six major steps in the Collegiate Leadership Competition process. CLC ensures each institution navigates the steps with ease. Aside from sharing strategies and materials for recruiting coaches and teams, CLC will introduce you to cutting edge resources and provide you with the tools to guide a transformational leadership learning experience.

How it Works

An Innovative Curriculum

By integrating multiple theories, scholars, and perspectives, CLC developed an innovative curriculum and content that is easy to apply and simple to remember. For example, take a look at SOLVE, one of CLC’s acronyms designed to help students think more intentionally about problem solving. To help coaches and participants, each acronym has a description, a corresponding video, links to external videos/articles, links to thought leaders, a list of quotes, and academic references for further exploration.

A World of Activities

Chefs, physicians, and soccer players become world class by engaging in deliberate practice. Drawing from the expertise literature, CLC has developed a library of activities that serve as opportunities to practice the process-oriented content. Take a look at one CLC activity designed to reinforce and teach SOLVE. Coaches can also access all past competition activities like the Pringles Ringle.

A Set of Tools

A long-standing problem with leadership education is our inability to truly measure growth and development. We have developed a series of CLC Skill Sheets that operationalize many of the CLC acronyms into observable and measurable behaviors. The CLC Skill Sheets can be used to gauge progress and simplify content into observable behavior. Take a look at the SOLVE Skill Sheet.