Corporate Partners

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, leadership, ability to work in a team, communication skills, and problem solving skills are the top four attributes that organizations are seeking in college graduates. These attributes are the foundation of the CLC curriculum.

By partnering with like-minded individuals and organizations, CLC aims to develop the next generation of exceptionally skilled problem solvers, communicators, and collaborative team-workers. The commitment, dedication, and financial support of CLC donors play a crucial role in cultivating future leaders, while also advancing the work of the organization. A partnership with CLC provides opportunities for employee leadership education, student recruitment, executive networking and brand awareness, along with access to CLC resources. Contact CLC to learn more about how we can achieve our shared mission of developing leaders.

  • Enhance Employee Leadership Education: Donors have an opportunity to actively play a substantial role at the regional competitions by serving as judges. CLC will prepare judges to evaluate the various activities, while also improving employees’ knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • Recruit Students: Each year, hundreds of collegians who are enthusiastic about leadership development participate in CLC. Not only are they trained via the CLC methodology, they are a population that is energized by leading others. Employers will have an opportunity to watch students in action throughout the competition day and recruit top talent for internships or full-time roles.
  • Network & Build Brand Awareness: CLC aims to bring together a diverse network of student competitors, academics, and business leaders. Donors have an opportunity to interact with all groups involved in CLC, and to increase brand awareness by creating relationships with potential employees, customers, and business partners. Ideally, participants and coaches alike will become ambassadors of goodwill for donors in their communities and among their peers.
  • Access CLC Resources: As an ambitious front-runner in the field of leadership development, CLC prides itself on creating unique and innovative ways to teach relevant content, and to ensure that it becomes part of long term memory and behavior. Giving levels determine access to CLC content, activities, rubrics, and technological infrastructure, which can be collectively used to promote leadership development within donor organizations.