CLC For High School Students

We believe that with practice, leadership is available to all. Staying true to our mission of creating a world filled with individuals who are confident and motivated to lead, Collegiate Leadership Competition (CLC) now has an annual high school competition!

On December 7th, 2019, high school students representing various institutions, will compete in a one day leadership competition. Teams of five students will be tasked with completing various team building activities where they will have an opportunity to use the skills learned throughout the 3 month practice season leading up to the event. CLC’s unique experiential format has been tested and explored in the collegiate setting for six years and the organization is excited to invite a younger group of leaders to gain the confidence and motivation necessary to lead our increasingly complex world. 

CLC allows students to explore their leadership potential, build new skills, and add an incredibly unique leadership experience to their college applications. This fun and fast-paced program utilizes the same training methods used by CLC’s 1,000-plus students and alumni. Participants gain a clear picture of their strengths and opportunities for growth. Culminating in a final team competition, participants will create lasting relationships with a community of peers and coaches who are enthusiastic about leadership development and their bright futures.

The Process


Each fall, coaches outline the commitment and practice schedule, and then use a variety of techniques to recruit 6 team members. CLC provides team coaches with all of the tools and resources to recruit teams.


Practices are held on each high school’s respective campus from January through April. During this time, participants and coaches learn and practice CLC Terms & Concepts. CLC provides team coaches with all of the tools and resources to plan practice and prepare for the competition.

The Competition

In December, teams from schools across each region participate in a high-energy, action-filled competition where participants put their knowledge and training to use. Unique activities are designed annually by CLC.

How it Works

Between September and December, teams practice the CLC curriculum which is rooted in 10 easy to remember acronyms. Some of the acronyms focus on basic content knowledge and others focus on processes that participants learn and practice. For the process-oriented content, coaches have an opportunity to actively coach and build skill. The goal is to develop mental representations that help students make ethical decisions, problem-solve, navigate difficult conversations, choose appropriate leadership styles, and so forth. Ultimately, our goal is that students behave with greater intentionality and skillfully intervene more often. In addition to a CLC intranet which includes guides for coaches and sample practice outlines, we have developed the following:

An Innovative Curriculum

By integrating multiple theories, scholars, and perspectives, CLC developed an innovative curriculum and content that is easy to apply and simple to remember. For example, take a look at SOLVE, one of CLC’s acronyms designed to help students think more intentionally about problem solving. To help coaches and participants, each acronym has a description, a corresponding video, links to external videos/articles, links to thought leaders, a list of quotes, and academic references for further exploration.

A World of Activities

Chefs, physicians, and soccer players become world class by engaging in deliberate practice. Drawing from the expertise literature, CLC has developed a library of activities that serve as opportunities to practice the process-oriented content. Take a look at one CLC activity designed to reinforce and teach SOLVE. Coaches can also access all past competition activities like the Pringles Ringle.

A Set of Tools

A long-standing problem with leadership education is our inability to truly measure growth and development. We have developed a series of CLC Skill Sheets that operationalize many of the CLC acronyms into observable and measurable behaviors. The CLC Skill Sheets can be used to gauge progress and simplify content into observable behavior. Take a look at the SOLVE Skill Sheet.

Register a team

For the 2019 High School Collegiate Leadership Competition season


Who, Why, What?

High school students are welcome to get involved! We believe that with practice, every student can develop strong, transferable leadership skills. CLC creates the space for aspiring leaders to perfect, reflect, connect, and correct.


Student participants are placed into teams and practice weekly in preparation for CLC’s 2019 high school competition. The curriculum focuses on: attributes of effective leaders, leadership/followership styles, creative problem solving, influencing others, ethical decision-making, stressors, and building effective teams.

What is the Competition?

The final event consists of five, 30-minute challenges. Each team member will have an opportunity to lead one challenge and receives extensive feedback based on their performance. Awards are given to individuals and teams at the end of the day.

Who will be there?

CLC competitors, coaches, and staff members will be joined by various high school leadership educators and judges who are collegiate recruiters from around the area of CT, NJ, and NY.