Collegiate Leadership Competition

With practice, leadership is available to all.

What We Do

Competitions and performances are high-impact learning experiences. A coach would not ask a college athlete to compete on the field without weeks or months of practice. Yet, we ask students to sit in a classroom and learn theories and terms, but rarely provide opportunities to put them into practice until they begin their first job.

Collegiate Leadership Competition (CLC), a nonprofit college leadership program founded in 2015, creates a dynamic practice field where student leaders can apply what they’re learning in a context that stretches them to the boundaries of their leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities. CLC makes leadership a real, tangible experience for the future of corporate and organizational leaders.

A Closer look at CLC

CLC is committed to creating a new and innovative competition experience each year so participants and coaches are in a continuous state of learning and growth.

Each year, hundreds of collegians who are enthusiastic about leadership development participate in CLC. Take a closer look at the 2017 competition video to learn more about CLC’s vision.


“CLC provides a practical way of teaching and experiencing leadership. The curriculum is well-developed and easy to follow. Our students enjoyed our weekly training sessions and were eager to challenge themselves against leaders from other universities.”

Eric Buller, Miami University 2017 Coach

“CLC provides students with a way unique and creative way of developing and understanding a variety of leadership styles that are applicable to many scenarios throughout college and the work force.”

McKayla Hutchins, Southern New Hampshire University 2017 Student Competitor

“CLC was a great opportunity to work on my leadership AND followership skills. The experience has given me many new skills to carry forward into my professional career and has made me more confident in my leadership abilities.”

Tiegen Skains, Concordia University 2017 Student Competitor

“This experience challenged my professional and interpersonal leadership skills by forcing me to confront personal weaknesses while working with a team of dynamic personalities.”

Richard Jenkins, John Carroll University 2017 Student Competitor

“CLC provided a great learning environment for our students. They were able to put their leadership skills to practice in a live and real environment. All of our students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learned so much!”

Julie McLaughlin, Cincinnati State Technical and Community College 2017 Coach

“CLC gave me the necessary framework for solving problems in a practical and efficient manner. Furthermore, it has offered me valuable experience working with a team.”

Haley Hand, Cincinnati State Technical and Community College 2017 Student Competitor

“Going through this experience has opened my eyes to what I am capable of and what I need to personally work on to further my leadership skills. Through this experience, I have developed my leadership toolbox.”

Ashlee Lindsey, Southern New Hampshire University 2017 Student Competitor

“The competitive atmosphere that CLC created facilitated team bonding and learning that resulted in what felt like a true co-curricular experience for not only my students, but also myself as a coach. I never thought that teaching and practicing leadership with students could be so fun!”

Keri Good, University of Dayton 2017 Coach

“CLC was an amazing experience, not only to learn more about myself as a leader, but how to be an effective follower under a leader’s direction.”

John Horvath, Walsh University 2017 Student Competitor

“CLC is an experience unlike any other. It mentally, physically, and emotionally tests you in ways that you could never imagine. This competition taught me a lot about myself and helped me to grow as a leader. I would recommend this competition/curriculum to anyone.”

Jessie Thompson, John Carroll University 2017 Student Competitor
“An incredibly engaging way to maximize both teaching and learning the skills of leadership.”
Dr. Curt Beck, Concordia University 2017 Coach
“A competition where your mind is challenged in ways you never thought possible!”
Jessica Flaherty, Rider University 2017 Student Competitor
“Serving as a CLC coach contributed to my own personal and professional development in very unexpected ways, and I am without a doubt a stronger leader and more well rounded professional because of it. The growth that I saw in my students was incredible – and the bond between them was immeasurable.”
Jennifer Shepard, Widener University 2017 Coach
Colleges & Universities

The Process


Each fall, coaches outline the commitment and practice schedule, and then use a variety of techniques to recruit 6 team members. CLC provides team coaches with all of the tools and resources to recruit teams.


Practices are held on each college/university’s respective campus from January through April. During this time, participants and coaches learn and practice CLC Terms & Concepts. CLC provides team coaches with all of the tools and resources to plan practice and prepare for the competition.

The Competition

In April, teams from schools across each region participate in a high-energy, action-filled competition where participants put their knowledge and training to use. Unique activities are designed annually by CLC.

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