Collegiate Leadership Competition

With practice, leadership is available to all.

What We Do

Competitions and performances are high-impact learning experiences. A coach would not ask a college athlete to compete on the field without weeks or months of practice. Yet, we ask students to sit in a classroom and learn theories and terms, but rarely provide opportunities to put them into practice until they begin their first job.

Collegiate Leadership Competition (CLC), a nonprofit college leadership program founded in 2015, creates a dynamic practice field where student leaders can apply what they’re learning in a context that stretches them to the boundaries of their leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities. CLC makes leadership a real, tangible experience for future leaders.

Impact since 2015


A Closer look at CLC

CLC is committed to creating a new and innovative competition experience each year so participants and coaches are in a continuous state of learning and growth.

Each year, hundreds of collegians who are enthusiastic about leadership development participate in CLC. Take a closer look at the 2018 competition video to learn more about CLC’s vision.


“Having participated in CLC as a competitor and coach, I would highly recommend every College and University be involved. Having a practical measurement of teamwork and leadership is crucial for our students today as they enter the job market”.

Mark Graham, University of Southern Maine 2019 Coach

“CLC is a phenomenal experience for students that are wanting to invest in their personal leadership journeys and set themselves up for success in their careers. We need more people that have legitimate leadership skills in our local, state and national communities; CLC is helping our future leaders get prepared to make a positive difference everywhere they go”.

Andrew Chwalik, Walsh University 2019 Coach

“If you’re looking for an exciting and unique way to grow your leadership skills, CLC is for you. I was a competitor over 2 years ago and I still use the SOLVE model from CLC to this day. The applicable curriculum and original competition experience will be something that you’ll have with you forever.”

Jessie Thompson, Covestro 2019 Judge

“CLC is a great way to test leadership abilities under pressure. Everyone should always look to improve and this competition was a great place to do it.”

Samantha Rodriguez, Boston University 2018 Student Competitor

CLC provides a fun, unique opportunity to grow as a leader, as a team, and as an individual. It’s a life changing experience that I will always be grateful for.

Haley Holman, Lindenwood University 2018 Student Competitor

“CLC helped me practice leadership skills that I will continue to use for the rest of my life.”

Justin Rose, Winthrop University 2018 Student Competitor

“CLC made me comfortable leading my peers. We aimed high and we scored high together. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. I hope to come back next year!”

Noel Burke, Lindenwood University 2018 Student Competitor

“The Collegiate Leadership Competition packs the best elements of leadership, teamwork, and creative problem solving into a fun event that truly benefits its participants. It’s one of the most impactful student-driven programs that I’ve seen!”

Nate Pearson, Cabrini University 2019 Coach

“CLC was one of the best experiences of my life and I can’t begin to describe the growth I gained from it. I never thought that I would get to do anything like this in college and I am so glad that I decided to push my boundaries and got to be a part of it.”

Sarah Wells, Cincinnati State Technical and Community College 2018 Student Competitor

“CLC provides a practical way of teaching and experiencing leadership. The curriculum is well-developed and easy to follow. Our students enjoyed our weekly training sessions and were eager to challenge themselves against leaders from other universities.”

Eric Buller, Miami University 2019 Coach

“CLC is an invaluable opportunity for young leaders to learn, practice and demonstrate, their leadership skills in a constructive well planned, enjoyable, format. I was excited to be a part of CLC and highly recommend it to all post secondary programs.”

Cristal McGill, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs 2018 Coach
“An incredibly engaging way to maximize both teaching and learning the skills of leadership.”
Curt Beck, Concordia University 2017 Coach
“Serving as a CLC coach contributed to my own personal and professional development in very unexpected ways, and I am without a doubt a stronger leader and more well rounded professional because of it. The growth that I saw in my students was incredible – and the bond between them was immeasurable.”
Jennifer Shepard, Widener University 2017 Coach



Leadership skills can be learned, developed, and improved. As technology advances and global markets continue to evolve, well-developed soft-skills become increasingly important. The top attributes that employers seek on a candidate’s resume align with skills learned through the CLC experience.


Faculty, staff, or graduate assistants coach undergraduate and graduate student teams. Any freshmen, sophomore, junior, senior or graduate student interested in practicing leadership is welcome!

When and Where?

The practice season will run on each participating institution’s campus. Learn more about the locations of the 2020 competition sites towards the bottom of this page. Practices are held on each college/university’s respective campus. The competitions are held at one of seven regional host institutions in both the United States and Canada.


Teams of six learn and practice the CLC curriculum which culminates in a two day leadership competition consisting of a series of 45-minute challenges. Each team member will have an opportunity to lead one challenge and receives extensive feedback based on their performance.


Students build skills that are critical for the next generation of leaders. Coaches use CLC’s experiential curriculum to provide real-time coaching and feedback to students on the following topics: attributes of effective leaders, leadership/followership styles, creative problem solving, influencing others, navigating difficult conversations, conflict resolution, ethical decision-making, stressors, and effective team building. At the end of the four month program, students, coaches, employers, and community leaders meet for a high-energy, action-filled competition where participants put their knowledge and training to use.

Host Institutions

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For the 2019 – 2020 Collegiate Leadership Competition season


Regular Registration: $2,195 (First Team)
Second Team: $1,495